Training and Development

The Training and Development Department has been an integral part of Showsec from its inception, providing a pathway for staff from entry-level training through to degree level.

Pioneering personal development, Showsec trains Stewards, licenced staff and Supervisors in the knowledge and skills they require to deliver excellence in their duties.


Free induction training is provided to all Stewards before they begin working with us. Candidates are invited to a classroom-based session where they work through scenarios with an experienced trainer. Exploring the Showsec brand and ethics, and discovering information regarding the Private Security Industry, relevant legislation and safety awareness, customer service and health and safety: the training session provides a solid understanding for the role ahead.

SIA Door Supervisor

Showsec is dedicated to growing staff and providing a clear development pathway for those wanting to progress in the field. To work as a Door Supervisor, staff need to complete the relevant training and hold a valid SIA Door Supervisor licence.

Courses are organised for those wanting to make the step from Steward to SIA Door Supervisor. Find out more about the training HERE.

Alongside additional pay, there are more opportunities to work a variety of roles and the chance to develop further and become an Event Supervisor.

To work as a door supervisor staff will need to have completed the relevant training and hold a valid SIA Door Supervisor licence. Due to prior training, they will not need to complete the Steward Induction module. However, staff will still have to complete an Introduction to Showsec online module, plus other mandatory modules.

Similar to Stewards, Door Supervisors also can complete optional training which will be organised and highlighted by the training department. They also have the opportunity to develop further and become Event Supervisors.

Event Supervisor

For those looking to progress – the learning pathway continues from SIA Door Supervisor to Event Supervisor. By applying to become an Event Supervisor, interviews are conducted and if successful, the process includes online learning modules, 2-day classroom-based training sessions and on-the-job mentoring and evaluations.

Aiding to develop learner’s leadership and decision-making skills, Event Supervisors look after a team of Stewards on shift and can further choose to undertake a 1-day classroom-based course to take a Head of Security role.

Further Development

Showsec aims to develop staff to the highest standards with the most up-to-date information. For those wanting to make a career out of event security, staff can achieve up to a Diploma/Foundation Degree through Showsec.

Showsec’s Management Development Program (MDP) takes staff on a full-time programme for a 9-month period, undertaking a mixture of classroom-based learning as well as on-the-job mentoring and operational work.

For more information regarding our Management Development Program please click here.

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