Safety Support during the Covid-19 Pandemic

With the government guidance surrounding the events and entertainment industry, Showsec have at our disposal across the UK, a wealth of trained and experienced crowd management specialists who are available to assist, wherever required, in the field of civil contingency and business continuity.

With the inevitable pressures put on our public services in local authority, police, NHS and education over the coming months, it is prudent to consider a viable and reliable resource to perform additional and increased critical duties.

Showsec can provide:
✔️ Retail queue management
✔️ Protection of closed premises
✔️ Patrols of public areas
✔️ Conflict management
✔️ Asset protection
✔️ Access control
✔️ Covid Compliance Officers
✔️ CCTV support
✔️ Car park management

Contact us to discuss how Showsec could support your business.