Local Authority

Showsec have remained at the forefront of research and development into understanding crowd dynamics and translating them into improved operational management procedures to improve safety and crowd management techniques.

With public safety at our core, Showsec work closely with event organisers, local authorities and agencies to achieve both a safe environment and positive experience for attendees. Showsec’s dedicated and highly-skilled management team hold vast operational knowledge allowing them to always perform intricate and detailed risk assessments and train staff to contribute to the safety procedures.

Whether an event requires additional preparation for a varied crowd or revised operational plans, the team manage contingency arrangements for a host of potential risks. The Showsec management team work alongside the British Transport Police, TFL, local ambulance and police services, Greater London Authority and stakeholders in preparation for events, and continue to maintain this relationship until the event is over and cleared.

Showsec have ensured the safety of hundreds of thousands of people from religious visits, to street parades, fairs and historic events.

Understanding council’s active events calendar, Showsec work closely with local authorities including Leeds City Council, Birmingham City Council and Leicester City Council to manage crowds at events like bonfire nights, Christmas markets, and Diwali celebrations. Street marshals have also been utilised in Wakefield and Manchester City Centre too, along with taxi marshalling services.

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