Showsec Street Marshals a Success in Wakefield

23 July 2018

In an exciting new venture, specialist uniformed Street Marshalls from Showsec have been working alongside police officers and PCSO’s to help keep the streets of Wakefield safe.

The Street Marshals have been acting as an additional safety presence in Wakefield city centre, complementing the evening’s existing police patrols. They provide an extra pair of eyes, helping police to spot any potential signs of trouble while also being a valuable point of approach for any members of the public who may be in distress.

Throughout the night the Street Marshalls work and liaise directly with the police, holding a briefing with police officers before shifts and staying in contact with them throughout the night via radio. So far, they have helped officers make one arrest as well as providing support to officers and paramedics on a number of occasions.

As Inspector Helen Brear of Wakefield West Police explains: “The new Street Marshals are a very welcome asset and are intended to provide an extra form of reassurance to those enjoying the city centre over a weekend.”

As well as improving ties with the police and local community, the project has been a success for Showsec, leading to further work with Wakefield City council. As Alistair Good, Showsec Operations Executive explains, “The feedback we have had so far has been excellent and the Street Marshalls have developed a really good rapport with the public. It has also been a great boost for Showsec as it has led to further work with Wakefield Council.”