Showsec Show Support for Civil Contingencies in Leicester

28 August 2020

Whilst the live events world is on hold Showsec have looked to alternative streams of work and although it doesn’t replace the usual hectic summer of festivals, a sense of pride has grown through the ability to support local authorities in civil contingency roles.

Showsec is the contracted security supplier for Leicester City Council for events across the city and enjoy a close working relationship on that basis, so when slightly different work arose due to Covid-19 pandemic Showsec were happy to tailor their services.

From early on in the lockdown, like most cities, testing centres opened in the city and we have been looking after the entrances of various sites. Showsec’s main role has been access control, quite similar to looking after a gate at a festival. Understandably there are very stringent procedures due to the nature of the sites and keeping everyone safe is a priority, so PPE, signage and distancing measures are in place and another key role is to help maintain social distancing of 2m and setting a good example of this to all people visiting or working at the sites such as the army, medical personnel and traffic marshalling staff.

Leicester’s marketplace is a popular destination and saw Coronavirus restrictions put in place at the end of March including a one-way system through the food hall. Showsec has been managing the queuing system and encouraging distancing to ensure shoppers keep two metres apart and limit the number of people who are inside at any given time.

Recent developments have seen restaurants reopening in the city from the 3rd August after the extended lockdown. The governments ‘Eat Out To Help Out’ campaign has encouraged residents to venture out to eateries, but the popularity has required management so Showsec are supporting the city operation working to support and report to the licencing team who have the duty to enforce social distancing.

Joe Milner, Area Manager for the East Midlands said, “It is a testament to the strong working relationship we enjoy with Leicester City Council that we have been able to assist in these different activities. We’ve been glad to work alongside the team on these different projects.

“We are so proud of the adaptability of our staff. They came to work for Showsec to work at live events, like music or sport, but have been undertaking roles they wouldn’t normally do. The staff have told us they see it as a rare opportunity to support important services, assisting and reassuring people during these unprecedented times.”