Showsec Joins E3S to Present Annual Event Safety and Security Summit

24 October 2019

The Event Safety and Security Summit (E3S) is an international platform dedicated to safety and security in the live events industry.

The third annual conference which aims to develop best practice and harmonise standards across the industry took place on the 8th October 2019 and was attended by 300 professionals from leading venues, festivals, touring and sport professionals, and security experts from around the world.

With technology ever changing, developments to assist in security operations was a big talking point at the conference. With sessions surrounding new solutions and machine led crowd management, facial recognition and drone technology were spoken about which could be used in the future to identify issues at live events and deliver faster response times.

Simon Howard, Area Manager for Showsec in East London, attended the conference and said, “The industry is moving forward to identify safeguarding issues which are being discussed more and more which is extremely important to the industry and Showsec.

“The session about safeguarding vulnerable groups was fascinating. Showsec already have safeguarding policies in place but broader learning on how to help those who are vulnerable and have visual or non-visual disabilities can help make additional improvements at an operational level”.

Area Manager for the West Midlands, Michael Poole, added, “Due to high risk shows being one of Showsec’s remits, the talks and discussions surrounding dealing with high risk shows and mitigating such risks, was very interesting to listen to”

The summit also provides a networking opportunity and Showsec representatives were able to catch up with regular and previous clients. With it being an international event, it was also of great value to speak to and hear from international companies who shared their practices and how they differed from those in the U.K.