Showsec Increases Pay Rates in Line with The Living Wage Foundation*

8 April 2022

Record rates of inflation, an increase in National Insurance, and the spiralling cost of living mean we will all be feeling the squeeze. As a company committed to excellence, Showsec is proud to announce pay increases to help weather these difficult times.

From 8th April 2022, our pay rates will rise in line with recent increases to the real living wage published by the Living Wage Foundation*. These new rates will be paid across the country and include London-specific rates for shifts that take place at venues and events located within the M25.

These changes have seen our country-wide Steward rates rise to £11.09 an hour,
£11.21 an hour for SIA Static Guards and between £12.00 and £14.05 an hour for SIA Licensed Door Supervisors **.

Showsec will pay equivalent to the London living wage in London, with rates at £12.38 an hour for Stewards, £12.50 an hour for SIA Static Guards, and between £12.90 and £14.77 an hour for SIA Licensed Door Supervisors**.

In order to pay a fair and competitive wage, Showsec does not differentiate for those aged 18-22, and in doing so, we go beyond the Government’s national minimum wage requirements.

Showsec is thrilled to, once again, be a step ahead in being a part of helping the country recover from a global pandemic with renewed vigour and optimism to build a better future for all.
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* Showsec is not a Living Wage Foundation employer. These updates are currently equivalent to the Living Wage Foundation rates, but they may vary from this in the future.

**rates shown are inclusive of indicative holiday pay. The higher pay rates are applicable for specific shifts such as club nights at named venues.