Showsec Delivers Excellence to Riyadh

16 October 2019

Showsec were instrumental in the planning and delivery of production and artist security for the history-making opening show of Riyadh Season in Saudi Arabia on the 11th October 2019.

South Korean K-Pop superstars BTS have gone down in history as the first international artists to play a solo stadium show in Saudi Arabia as they opened the highly anticipated Riyadh Season, one of a number of festivals the Kingdom holds throughout the year.

The event at the King Fahd International Stadium drew an audience of over 30,000 fans and has been quoted to be the single largest gathering of women in one place in Saudi Arabian history.

As a touring entity BTS are unrivalled in terms of the fervent adulation of their Fan Army, the act’s management needed confidence that their normal security protocols could be delivered. Showsec were engaged to deliver these and the company’s remit covered a variety of security touch points from the artist’s and crew operating environs, transport, accommodation all the way through to venue delivery.

Working on behalf of the promotor, Showsec liaised with local government and policing authorities to ensure that the tour management’s expectations were delivered.

Mark Logan, (Director) Showsec remarked, “This is the second time we have been engaged to deliver our product in Riyadh. Working in the territory is hugely rewarding and it always strikes me both the level of hospitality shown by the local involvement and the appetite there is to learn from the experience of others.

“The BTS show helped us demonstrate how the fabric of the amazing venue could be used to deliver such a high octane event.

“We are now engaged in delivering a number of shows across the Kingdom over the forthcoming weeks and I look forward to drawing down more learnings and helping the event security market mature in this fledgling but vibrant industry.”

Image Credit: swisshippo