Showsec and TECA Join Forces for Brand New Scotland Venue

30 October 2019

Showsec are honoured to have been selected to provide services to the new 330-million-pound venue in Scotland.

Since its opening in the summer, Showsec has been working with The Event Complex in Aberdeen, which recently rebranded to P&J Live, and will continue to as part of a five-year contract with ASM Global.

The new venue boasts a 15,000-capacity arena and can hold multiple events on the same day with the use of its larger halls.

Showsec staff undertook training days in preparation for the opening and to familiarise themselves with new security functionalities of the venue including x-rays and bag scanning. This ensured all staff were equipped and briefed of security measures including fire drills and building lockdowns.

In the lead up to the first event at the new venue with over 38,000 visitors over four days, Offshore Europe, Showsec were involved in the build process ensuring all contractors involved in the exhibition had been set up on the site, with 97 staff deployed to manage the event build and break-down.

The venue has been delighted with how the operation has gone so far, Showsec Regional Manager Thomas Bailey had this to say: “It’s a great venture for the highlands and a great benchmark for working in the future.

“It was fantastic to see everything put on display, not only the staff but the design of the operation.”

After nearly a year of planning the security measures, Showsec were regularly in contact with the venue management at SMG holding regular meetings to plan the delivery of the security strategy for the venue.

Stephen Dyker, Area Manager for Scotland Highlands said: “So far, it’s been a good experience for everybody from us to SMG.

“Over the last year we have been working with the Showsec booking department to staff the events that we have here.”

With a magnitude of events from exhibitions to music concerts filling the venue from now until the end of the year, Showsec staff will have regular work and new training opportunities in Scotland.

Showsec are proud to collaborate with a the most sustainable venue of its kind in the UK. The venue makes use of local renewable resources to power the event complex in attempt to combat the ongoing climate issues.