Manchester Pagoda Project

18 June 2019

Manchester’s Chinatown is the second largest Chinatown in the UK and third largest in Europe, known for its quality shops and restaurants, delicious bakeries and annual Chinese New Year celebrations.

Over previous years, the area had started to develop a reputation for its drug-related crimes and homelessness. Wanting to provide a safer environment for residents, tourists and business owners – Manchester City Council approached Showsec to provide a visual security presence.

Showsec’s Operations team attended fortnightly meetings with local authorities to measure the impact and discuss further progression opportunities for restoring a safer community. Working with Greater Manchester Police, the Showsec team deter anti-social behaviour on a daily basis and work collaboratively with the council to help revitalise the area.

Starting operations in Manchester’s Chinatown in early January, the contract was due to end at the end of March 2019. Impressed with the results and keen to continue the positive influence, the contract was further extended to the end of May.

Manchester City Council praised the regular Showsec team who operate in Chinatown and have recognised the improvement within the area in result of their work.

Aaron Jervis, Operations Executive for Central Manchester says “Showsec staff have worked fantastically in attempting to influence the attitudes and behaviour within Chinatown.

“We’re delighted to be a part of something which is certainly changing the community and reducing anti-social behaviour.”

Kate Macdonald, Manchester City Centre Public Services Manager says “The project utilising Showsec to provide a visible presence in China Town was a new way for us to work. Over the four months of the project, we have seen a definite improvement and have received lots of positive feedback and compliments.

“I have been impressed by the commitment of the staff and by their proactive approach which has meant that we have been able to refine the remit over time. I think the project has demonstrated that this innovative way of involving professional security staff in a community setting can be a critical factor in partnership working.”



Main image credit: “Manchester23” by Conor Lawless is licensed under CC BY 2.0